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Argus DVR software Screen Shots

The program has own web server, which is active all the time. It creates a website that can be viewed from any web browser. Users, from multiple computers, connect to this web server to view cameras and play-back recorded video simultaneously.

Thus, program's interface is a web page with an ActiveX inside. ActiveX shows video feed from cameras and used to play-back recorded content.

Top side of the program's Web page contains menu and buttons to access parameters and features. Central side shows video feed from selected cameras. Bottom side contains Camera Thumbnails which is used to select cameras to view.

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You can select Local camera (frame grabber or USB camera) or Network camera (Linksys, D-Link, etc.)

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You can set up image and sound quality by changing the compression level. These settings are used to prepare content for broadcasting and recording.

Higher image quality results more details in captured images but increases frame size.

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Broadcasting methods:

Stream to Web server - The program sends video and audio to the web server. Users connect to this web server and watch the camera.

HTTP Server - the program runs HTTP server that users connect directly to this DVR and watch cameras.

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You can use the program to record a stream of full-motion video and audio from your video and audio sources. The program has the following recording features: Live Recording, Archive Recording, and ability to create Archive of Snapshots.

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The program has a Motion Detection feature, which can perform various tasks when it triggered.

When the program detects motion in the monitored area, it can sound an alarm, e-mail captured images, start FTP uploading, record video clip, pop-up main window and make it active, start snapshots creation, or even change recording and broadcasting quality.

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You can watch the viewers IP addresses and node names. The program keeps log of all viewers IP addresses and node names. This information can be printed or saved to a file.

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The Pan / Tilt / Zoom panel allows you to control all camera's movements, i.e. panning & tilting your camera to any desired location by simply pressing the appropriate button.

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Comprehensive player helps you easily playing-back archived files and quickly navigate inside the clips by clicking appropriated thumbnail.

You can change the playing-back speed, as well as copy, save, and print any video frame.

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